Current Members

Principal Investigator
Vikash Mansinghka

Program Staff
Desiree Dudley (Program Director, Special Projects)
Rachel Paiste (Communications Editor and Project Coordinator)
Amanda Brower (Lab Manager)
Julian K. Jarboe (Executive Assistant to Vikash Mansinghka)

Graduate Students
Feras Saad (PhD, EECS)
Marco Cusumano-Towner (PhD, EECS)
Alex Lew (PhD, EECS)

Research Scientists
Ulrich Schaechtle (Modeling and Inference for Scientific Discovery)
Cameron Freer

Applied Researchers
Sara Rendtorff-Smith (Applied Research Lead, Data-driven Policy and Governance)

Research Engineers
Jonathan Rees
Ben Zinberg

Open Source Software Engineers
Zane Shelby (Software Engineer and Technical Lead)
Joshua Thayer (Software Engineer)
Tim Trautman (Developer Advocate and Field Software Engineer)
Aaron Vinson (Core Open Source Contributor, Distributed Systems Engineering and DevOps)